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User Experience

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Software Engineering

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Product Design

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Artificial Intelligence

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Brand Identity

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People-Centered design.

We strongly practice a human centered design approach which starts with understanding people’s needs and capabilities. This allows us to build digital solutions that significantly reduces human error, is understandable and most of all, effective. Human-centered design has enhanced the ability of people to understand and use many complex devices.

UX UI design Geneva

User experience first.

Our purpose is to create software solutions which will enable people do professional or personal activities with ease and joy. Our way of work differentiates due to the fact that we approach everything from a much deeper level, trying to understand the big picture, break boundaries and think outside the box.

Digital solutions inspired by people.

We place people at the center of attention when creating solutions that bring value to both businesses and customers. We are passionate about creating reliable and enjoyable digital experiences.

We transform complex processes, challenging tasks and inefficient procedures into simple, user friendly and pleasant activities which greatly increase users satisfaction on one hand and businesses productivity, efficiency and ultimately revenue on the other hand.




Naef Prestige Knight Frank Website Geneva

Naef Prestige Knight Frank

Outstanding and prestigious website for a luxury vila

Unique, sophisticated, and professionally representational website for an exclusive, luxury real estate property. The website offers an immersive, story telling experience to everyone browsing it.
Technologies JS, HTML5, CSS, GSAP,


One of a kind, E-commerce Mobile Application

To develop a stunning mobile application for users to browse and purchase lighting and home décor products from Lumin.
Technologies React, JS, Python,
web development geneva mobile app development geneva


Elegant and unique website for a Geneva based Energy Sector consultancy firm

A seamless and intuitive website that showcases the vast experience gained in the energy sector. Site visitors will be able to easily familiarise themselves with the company, the products it offers and the team behind it.
The website reflects the quality of services Katsina offers through a professionally designed user interface which is clean and engaging.
Technologies React, JS, PHP, GSAP


One stop shop for women's luxury watches

To develop an intuitive mobile application that showcases the design and craftsmanship of an exquisite range of women’s timepieces.
Technologies React, JS, AWS,
Invest Net Zero web application Geneva

Invest Net Zero

Smart and fancy web app for calculating green energy investment costs

A playful way to easily see the benefits of investing through our client's platform. Invest Net Zero helps companies achieve their decarbonisation ambitions through syndicated investment in the lowest cost renewable electricity generation projects.
Technologies JS, HTML5, CSS, GSAP,


Your virtual personal trainer and fitness app

Dynamo helps users achieve their fitness goals faster with an intuitive workout dashboard and fitness tracking features.
Technologies React, Next.js, PHP, Vue, Node.js

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What our clients say

Thanks again for what you accomplished... You rightly understood what I was expecting...
Mr. Benoit Tarrazi - Founder & CEO - Katsina SA
One of the best feelings ever when partnering with someone is to know that you're in good hands and that you have someone who really has got your back! Aexemius offered us excellent advice, ideas and innovation...
Mr. Alex Goian - Founder & CEO - Goian Interiors
Bravo Aeximius...happy to have worked with you on this exciting production! Thanx Zanny and Calin..well done!
Mr. Bryan Ruszczyk - CEO - Earth First Food Ventures

Leadership Board

Web developers Geneva

Zanny Vantova

Founder & CEO

I founded Aeximius with a clear purpose - a company which will bring software and people closer by creating solutions optimized for ease of use. Every task or process, every need or problem – made easy.

Working in the User Experience area of IT for many years, I was constantly imagining what would I wished the software to be like if I was the user. This trained me to base my design thinking on the user’s point of view and the goal which I had always set to myself was to create the most efficient, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing software solutions.

I have planted that vision into Aeximius’ core in order to be able to contribute making the lives of people easier at a greater scale.

Calin Turcan

Co-Founder & CFO

At Aeximius we consider digital solutions as a mean to improve all areas of our lives. We strive to always give the best to our clients and make a significant difference in delivering digital services at maximum ease for them.

Our approach is simple - we listen to your needs and ideas, give you strategic and people-centered advice in order to even further improve your ideas, and focus on delivering the best quality of results.

Ultimately, we are your trusted partner - we enable you to avoid dealing with unnecessary technical details, we act as your comforting link between software and business and we bring your organization much closer to your customers via advanced digitalization.
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