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Client overview.

We are proud to offer value to you
A global retail company successfully navigating through the food industry.

Having in mind the incredibly increasing usage of mobile devices, our client knew that in order to bring the most convenient experience to their customers, a well-designed and highly user-friendly mobile solution was needed which would allow their business to cope with the fast moving trends and dynamic marketplace.

User experience Design Custom software Mobile application UX UI Geneva IT company

Creativity and innovation.

Only the best for you
Our team of mobile app engineers didn’t only deliver a mobile shopping solution, but instead a solution which enabled the users to have a feeling of belonging to a community, where they can connect, network and share their experience with other likeminded individuals.

This was something which completely revolutionized the business of our client.

User experience Design Custom software Mobile application UX UI Geneva IT company mobile blockchain augmented reality artificial intelligence it services

Business need.

We help you overcome challenges
Being part of a dynamic and challenging marketplace requires real commitment to maintain success over the long-term. We established a very close cooperation and relationship with our client which enabled us to get fully familiar with their needs and challenges they are facing as well as their ideas. This allowed us to give our expert advice which enriched and finely defined the innovative approach our client had in mind.

For us it is very important to create a valuable link with our client which enables us to go beyond than engineering or design – it enables us to create meaningful digital solutions and experiences which create an emotional connection with their users.

User Interface.

Visual touches
Our creative and design engineers crafted a visual user interface representing our clients brand identity and values.

Modern, clean and minimalistic but edgy design was introduced to the mobile solution which is offering a unique experience to the users.

Visual transitions and effects were also included in the design in order to enrich the digital interaction and engagement.


We offer you a solid base
At Aeximius we believe architecture is at the core of a well-designed and high quality software.

Our architects and software engineers made sure the mobile solution is designed according to the latest standards and incorporating the most advanced and most optimized mobile technologies which guarantee optimal performance and efficiency.


We are incredibly glad we chose Aeximius as out IT partner in creating a mobile solution which was completely game changing for us and revolutionized the way we do business. The team is made out of amazing professionals and field experts… We had no doubt we were in good hands! .

Monica Stile – Chief Operating Officer

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