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We help your business standout and offer unique services or products by designing a user experience which tells your story and enables you to make a valuable link with the users.

We approach user experience from a much deeper level – having in mind the ultimate business goals, we focus on delivering the right user experience for each situation. This enables your business to offer one of a kind, memorable and enjoyable products or services.

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Creating a good user experience requires much more than just designing a user interface. It takes great business analytical skills for creating strategically thought through workflow and process. It takes sharp mind to design software products with frontend which will allow easy and seamless access to all the functionalities the people need. It is about creating enjoyable and reliable digital experience.

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One of our core passions is design and user experience. We strongly believe that building software products driven by not only engineering but also design and creativity is the key to creating outstanding products which bring highest results to you! Having a well-designed software product offers an enjoyable experience to the people utilizing it.

Many times building software which has great backend functionalities but poor frontend, practically gives the same results as a badly built software, simply because the people are not able or are having difficulties operating with it.

Rather than focusing only to the backend functionalities and considering the frontend – which is the main factor when it comes to UX – as not so important, at Aeximius, we approach UX from the very beginning of each project.

Founder's thoughts.

With passion from heart

At Aeximius, we approach UX from the project ideation phase. We strongly believe UX is at the base of the user’s decision making process. At the core of our values is the aspiration to create the most efficient, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing software solutions. We focus on the actual business goals in order to build the most reliable and enjoyable interactions which bring satisfaction to both the business and customers.

Zanny Vantova, Founder & CEO

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